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About Our Services

We provide comprehensive wealth management services. Our clients have the choice to engage us for all of their financial needs or as many individual services as may be appropriate and necessary. We design a very particular and personalized road map so that each client achieves their personal and family goals. We do not subscribe to cookie-cutter anything. Each client and each client family is unique.

Financial Planning

We offer varying levels of financial planning based on the client's needs and goals. One client may need a retirement plan while another client may need an education funding plan. Many clients prefer a comprehensive approach; we offer a comprehensive financial plan which includes our review of everything that may affect the client's financial well being as well as highlighting future goals. Our financial plans are not based on a certain "assets under management" requirement. We do not require that a client invest their assets with our firm in order to receive our planning services. Most clients do choose to use our investment advisory services based on the merits.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning consists of two phases; planning for your eventual retirement and planning during your retirement. Why is retirement planning important? You should have very specific retirement goals in order to achieve them. It is just as important to have a plan for spending your assets as it is to have a plan to accumulate your retirement assets. Most individuals don't think about the most important part of retirement planning until it's too late.  When accumulating assets in a qualified retirement plan, contributions are used to purchase securities over a long period of time at regular intervals. This provides you with an average price because you are not buying all at once.  Why would you sell all at once? Accumulating retirement assets is often easier than spending them. Both the accumulation of retirement assets and the liquidation of retirement assets play an important role in your overall retirement success.

Estate Planning

Most people think of Estate Planning as planning for after your death. Although planning for after your death is very important, there are many facets of Estate Planning that most people don't get around to thinking about or planning for. Just think about how many accounts, assets, holdings, items, collectibles, properties, vehicles, etc that you own and how they might be registered. Death comes for all of us but there could be circumstances where Estate Planning becomes critical while you are still alive. Of course minimizing any estate taxes is always an important goal, as it should be.  Another important goal is to make sure that your assets are protected for you and your heirs, now and after death.

Educational Planning

You are probably familiar with or have heard of 529 Educational Plans. Each state offers a different 529 plan with a selected money management firm and with different investment options and fees. You should not assume that a 529 plan is the right choice for your situation. They are not the best fit for everyone. You should also make sure you review all plans available. Your state specific 529 plan may not be the best option for you. You would be amazed at how many choices you have for your education funding goals.

Portfolio Management

Our investment advisory services include professional portfolio management services based on your investment goals and your risk tolerance level. What is your risk tolerance level? How much risk can you afford to take with your investments while still sleeping very soundly every night? We provide complete portfolio management services while giving you access to an unprecedented level of investment choices unmatched anywhere. We are completely independent and we are free to offer any investment option or plan we feel is appropriate for your situation. Our investment advisory fee is fully disclosed and it is not based on whether we buy or sell or how often.

401-K Rollovers

When you retire or leave your current employer, you have the option of rolling over your 401-K account into your Individual Retirement Account. This not only consolidates your retirement plan assets but it also gives you more investment options at lower costs. You have more control and you gain more investment choice. There are many considerations before actual initiating the transfer of assets. We advise our clients on whether they should rollover into an IRA and whether they should stick with the classic IRA or choose to go the Roth IRA route. Of course if you are rolling over from a Roth 401-K account you would simply roll into a Roth IRA account. This is assuming you are retiring and not continuing to work. Should you be leaving one employer and going to another there are other important considerations you should review before making any changes.

IRA Rollovers

If you currently have an IRA account and you are not happy with the performance and/or expenses, we are here to review your IRA statement and provide you with an assessments as to your best options. We find that we can lower your investment risk, increase your investment options and lower your internal management costs. We are an independent firm and by using an independent trust company as our custodian we have access to the complete universe of investment options. We strive you provide you with the right investment for your risk tolerance level at the absolute lowest cost possible.

Cash Flow Planning

Our business clients need to know how much money is coming in the door so that they can plan for the money going out the door. Cash flow planning is crucial to every business's success no matter how big or how small the business is. Seasonal businesses have an absolute necessity to plan for their cash flow needs if they don't have revenues coming in each month of the year to cover the monthly expenses.

Employee Benefits Planning

We have our own in-house insurance agency to provide our executive and entrepreneurial clients with a robust employee benefits offering. We are not affiliated with any one company so we are free to recommend what is best for our clients and their employees. We also work with outside consultants and independent firms when we believe their expertise in the employee benefits area is crucial to our client's success.

Charitable Gifts Planning

We can help you plan so that you can remember your favorite charities without taking away from what you plan to leave your heirs. We also help to minimize taxes while you do good in the process.

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